Run Alexa Run

I have always been a slow but keen runner. And I have always loved joining running events as an excuse to travel and to have one more weekend on the road. What is now called a runcation.

While looking for one more reason to play with Alexa and Amazon Lambda, developing a simple skill to find the next race in a country was an obvious choice.

Thanks to Matt, you can read more about the experiment on RaceBase World.

Alexa and RaceBase World

My next challenge?

Rely on Alexa’s results to choose my next race.  With over 16000 events, from 5K to 100 miles, in 168 countries on RaceBase World,  a bug in the still very basic Lambda function might be costly:  I am getting ready for a less ordinary race and an obscure destination.

Below  is a short audio demo, the code is available on GitHub. The skill is currently available on the UK store only.