• WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024 – Berlin

    Watch Your Wallet and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: A Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization. Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – June 2024

    From HBase at Pinterest to attack surface at AWS, from high-memory U7i instances to data transfer across availability zones, the news I covered for InfoQ in June. Read the full article.

  • Developer Experience in the Age of Generative AI

    Today I will moderate an InfoQ LIve roundtable to discover what tools, knowledge, and resources can help in the daily development work and can improve DevEx. Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – May 2024

    From Amazon Bedrock Studio to Google Threat Intelligence, from Coroot to Amplify Gen 2, the news I covered for InfoQ in May. Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – April 2024

    From event notifications on R2 storage to Axion processors, from AWS Batch to Microsoft Garnet, the news I covered for InfoQ in April. Read the full article.

  • Exploring Trends in Cloud Computing: Insights from Renato Losio

    This is me, addressing some challenging questions about the future of cloud computing. I’m sure I’ll look back in a year or two and realize how wrong I was on some or most points. But here’s where I think we stand at the moment.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ Live Roundtable – April, 23 2024

    How can data silos be broken down? How can analytics and AI deployments be brought to production? I look forward to learning the best strategies for effective AI and analytics architectures in hybrid and multi-cloud environments on April 23. Read the full article.