InfoQ – February 2022

From CloudFront to Google Certificate Manager, from Elastic File System Replication to AWS IoT RoboRunner: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in February.

AWS Introduces Managed Prefix List for CloudFront

AWS recently announced the availability of the AWS managed prefix list for CloudFront. Customers can now limit inbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic to a VPC and an application from only IP addresses that belong to CloudFront’s origin-facing servers.

Amazon Introduces S3 Batch Replication to Replicate Existing Objects

Amazon recently introduced Batch Replication for S3, an option to replicate existing objects and synchronize buckets. The new feature is designed for use cases such as disaster recovery setup, reduce latency or transfer ownership of existing data.

Google Cloud Introduces Certificate Manager

Google Cloud recently introduced the public preview of Certificate Manager, a service that integrates with External HTTPS Load Balancing to manage multiple certificates and domains.

Amazon Launches AWS IoT RoboRunner for Robot Fleet Management Applications

Amazon recently announced the preview of AWS IoT RoboRunner, a new service to help companies build and deploy robotics management applications. Developed from technology already in use at Amazon warehouses, IoT RoboRunner provides infrastructure to connect fleets of robots and automation software.

Amazon Announces Elastic File System Replication for Multi-Region Deployments

Amazon recently announced Elastic File System Replication to keep an up-to-date copy of a network file system in a second AWS region or within the same region.

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