InfoQ – April 2022

From Fauna transactional database to infrastructure as SQL on AWS, from RDS and Aurora PostgreSQL vulnerabilities to AWS Firewall Manager: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in April.

Infrastructure as SQL on AWS: IaSQL is Now Open Source and SaaS

IaSQL, the company behind a service that models AWS infrastructure using SQL, has recently announced that IaSQL is available as open source and software as a service.

Amazon EC2 Introduces Automatic Recovery of Instances by Default

Amazon recently announced that EC2 instances will now automatically recover in case they become unreachable due to underlying hardware issues. Automatic recovery migrates the instance to a different hardware while retaining instance ID, private IP addresses, Elastic IP address, and metadata.

RDS and Aurora PostgreSQL Vulnerability Leads to AWS Deprecating Many Minor Versions

A researcher at the security company Lightspin recently explained how she obtained credentials to an internal AWS service using a PostgreSQL extension and exploiting a local file read vulnerability on RDS. AWS confirmed the issue and deprecated dozens of minor versions of Amazon Aurora and RDS for PostgreSQL.

AWS Firewall Manager Supports Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next Generation Firewalls

AWS recently announced that Firewall Manager supports Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW). Palo Alto Networks partnered with the cloud provider to offer a managed firewall service designed to simplify securing AWS deployments.

AWS Introduces Lambda Function URLs to Simplify Serverless Deployments

AWS recently announced the general availability of Lambda Function URLs, a feature that lets developers directly configure a HTTPS endpoint and CORS headers for a Lambda function without provisioning other services.

Fauna Transactional Database Introduces Event Streaming

Fauna, the company behind the Fauna transactional database, recently announced the general availability of event streaming, a push-based stream that sends changes at both the document and collection levels to subscribed clients.

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