InfoQ – September 2022

From free trial instances on Google Cloud Spanner to AWS Event Ruler now open source, from s3 support on Azure Data Explorer to Google Cloud Certificate Manager: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in September.

Amazon Switched Compression from Gzip to Zstd for Own Service Data

A tweet from Adrian Cockcroft, former VP at Amazon, recently highlighted the benefits of switching from gzip to Zstandard compression at Amazon and triggered discussions in the community about the compression algorithm. Other large corporations, including Twitter and Honeycomb, shared interesting gains using zstd.

Google Cloud Spanner Introduces Free Trial Instances and Fine-Grained Access Control

Google Cloud recently announced different improvements to their managed databases. The cloud provider introduced free trial instances and fine-grained access control for Spanner to let developers try the managed service and configure access to data at the table and column level.

Amazon SNS Introduces Message Data Protection to Discover Sensitive Data in Motion

Amazon SNS recently announced the public preview of message data protection. Identifying PII data and other sensitive information in flight, the new SNS feature leverages pattern matching, machine learning models, and data protection policies to simplify data protection and compliance in applications that exchange high volumes of data.

AWS IAM Identity Center Introduces APIs to Manage Users and Groups at Scale

AWS recently introduced IAM Identity Center APIs to create users and groups at scale. Administrators can use these new APIs to manage identities programmatically and gain visibility into users in the Identity Center directory.

AWS Open Sources Event Ruler

AWS recently announced that Event Ruler, the component managing the routing rules of Amazon EventBridge, is now open source. The project is a new option for developers in need to match lots of patterns, policies, or expressions against any amount of events in near real-time.

Google Cloud Certificate Manager Generally Available

Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Certificate Manager, a service to acquire, manage, and deploy TLS certificates for use with Google Cloud workloads.

AWS Adds VMware Cloud on AWS Integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

AWS and VMware recently announced VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Designed for data-intensive VMware workloads, the new option is a supplemental datastore for VMware Cloud on AWS, reducing storage costs and simplifying migration to the cloud for enterprises.

Azure Data Explorer Supports Native Ingestion from Amazon S3

Microsoft recently announced the ability to natively ingest data from Amazon S3 into Azure Data Explorer (ADX). The new feature simplifies multi-cloud data analytics deployments, bringing data from Amazon S3 to Azure, without relying on custom ETL pipelines.

Cloud Providers Target Middle East: AWS Adds Region in the United Arab Emirates, Microsoft in Qatar

Amazon recently announced a new region in the United Arab Emirates, its second one in the Middle East. Microsoft just opened its first global datacenter region in Qatar where Google plans to open a new region too.

Amazon Introduces Encrypted Communication Service AWS Wickr

A year after the acquisition of the company Wickr, Amazon recently announced the preview of the collaboration suite AWS Wickr. Built on a proprietary encryption protocol, the new managed service provides enterprises and government agencies with security and administrative controls to meet security and compliance requirements.

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