InfoQ – February 2023

From GitHub deprecating SVN support to Immersive Stream for XR on Google Cloud, from reference architectures on AWS to Native New Relic on Azure: a recap of my articles for InfoQ this February.

AWS Adds VPC Resource Map to Simplify Management of Virtual Networks

The VPC section of the AWS Management Console now provides visualization of VPC resources, such as the relationships between a VPC and its subnets, routing tables, and gateways. The map displays existing VPC resources and their routing on a single page, allowing a better understanding of the networking layout.

Immersive Stream for XR: Extended Reality Experiences from Google Cloud

Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Immersive Stream for XR, a managed service to host, render, and stream 3D and extended reality (XR) experiences. The new service makes the rendering of 3D and augmented reality no longer dependent on the hardware of smartphones.

AWS Publishes Reference Architecture and Implementations for Deployment Pipelines

AWS recently released a reference architecture and a set of reference implementations for deployment pipelines. The recommended architectural patterns are based on best practices and lessons collected at Amazon and customer projects.

Faster Startup Time and Lower Memory Usage: New CRT HTTP Client in AWS SDK for Java

AWS recently announced the general availability of the Common Runtime (CRT) HTTP Client in the AWS SDK for Java 2.x. The new asynchronous client provides faster SDK startup time and a smaller memory footprint improving Lambda serverless workloads.

Farewell to Subversion: GitHub Sunsets Support after 13 Years

Next January GitHub will remove Subversion support from, with GitHub Enterprise Server following soon after. Introduced in 2010 to provide developers with a path to Git, the SVN endpoint now receives only 0.02% of the requests to the source control service.

Azure Announces Native New Relic Service for Full-Stack Observability

Azure recently announced a native New Relic service for full-stack observability. The performance monitoring service allows monitoring and troubleshooting of cloud applications in real time, providing metrics, traces, and logs.

AWS Patches Undocumented APIs Bypassing CloudTrail Event Logging

AWS recently patched undocumented IAM APIs that bypassed CloudTrail logging. The vulnerability allowed a malicious user to perform reconnaissance activities on IAM without recording events in CloudTrail or being detected by Amazon GuardDuty.

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