InfoQ – June 2023

From AWS Payment Cryptography to an Azure Linux distribution, from the AzDetectSuite to Cloudflare D1, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in June.

Microsoft Open Sources AzDetectSuite Library for Detection Engineering in Azure

The Microsoft security team recently released AzDetectSuite, a collection of KQL queries and detection alerts against security threads on Azure and AzureAD. The open-source project provides basic detection capabilities at a low cost, targeting small environments within the Microsoft cloud platform.

Amazon SQS Supports Reprocessing Messages from Dead-Letter Queue

AWS recently announces support for dead-letter queue redrive in SQS using the AWS SDK or the Command Line Interface. The new capability allows developers to move unconsumed messages out of an existing dead-letter queue and back to their source queue.

AWS Payment Cryptography: New Service for Payment Processing Applications

At the recent re:Inforce conference, AWS announced Payment Cryptography, a new service to manage payment cryptography operations. The new elastic option simplifies key management for payment processing applications, helping customers meet PCI security requirements.

CBL-Mariner: Azure Linux Distribution Now Generally Available

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure Linux container host for AKS. Available on GitHub under the CBL-Mariner project codename, the lightweight Linux distribution includes only the packages needed to run workloads on a cloud environment.

Amazon Security Lake for Centralized Security Data Management Now GA

AWS recently announced the general availability of Security Lake, a managed service to automate the sourcing, aggregation, normalization, and data management of security data. The new service centralizes data from AWS environments, SaaS providers, on-premises, and cloud sources into a data lake stored in an AWS account.

JunoDB: PayPal Open Sources Key-Value Store Powering 350 Billion Daily Requests

PayPal recently open-sourced JunoDB, a distributed key-value store that uses RocksDB as the underlying storage engine. A highly available and security-focused database, JunoDB serves daily 350 billion requests at PayPal.

Cloudflare Enhances Performance for Serverless Database D1

Cloudflare recently announced a revamp of its serverless relational database D1. Built on top of SQLite, D1 has a new architecture that provides better read and write performances and support for JSON functions.

AWS Shifts Strategy: Public GitHub Documentation to Be Retired

In the next few days, AWS will start retiring the AWS documentation currently available on GitHub. After reviewing the results of the project and considering the overhead of manually keeping the internal documentation in sync, the cloud provider recently decided to retire most of its public repositories.

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