Renato @ Porto Tech Hub Conference 2023

See you soon in Porto! Até breve!

The major cloud providers offer different options to run a relational database on the cloud. A recent approach is to rely on so-called serverless databases that offer both traditional TCP connections and HTTP API access. The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to successfully deploy and operate applications using serverless databases. The workshop covers the benefits of serverless databases and describes their drawbacks. We will compare different approaches and services, and explore the main benefits and limitations of a serverless RDBMS versus a more traditionally managed database. The focus of the workshop is on architecture and deployment. It is meant for anyone responsible for managing and scaling software applications that require (relational) databases, such as developers, architects, and DBA. You will learn when you should consider using traditional relational and not relational databases and when it makes sense to start using serverless ones.