InfoQ – September 2023

From Copilot Copyright Commitment to Bun, from the State of Serverless 2023 Report to Dedicated Local Zones on AWS, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in September.

Azure Database Drops Support for MariaDB

Microsoft recently announced that Azure Database will drop support for MariaDB. Over the coming months, users will no longer be able to create new MariaDB databases through the console or CLI, with a scheduled sunset for existing instances in 2025.

Microsoft Announces Copilot Copyright Commitment to Address IP Infringement Concerns

Microsoft recently published the Copilot Copyright Commitment to address concerns about potential IP infringement claims from content produced by generative AI. Under this commitment, which covers various products, including GitHub Copilot, Microsoft will take responsibility for potential legal risks if a customer faces copyright challenges.

Node.js Alternative Bun Now Generally Available

The release 1.0 of the JavaScript toolkit Bun has been recently announced. Aiming to be a drop-in replacement for Node.js, Bun is garnering attention from the JavaScript and serverless communities for its speed and ease of use.

State of Serverless 2023 Report Suggests Increasing Serverless Adoption

Datadog recently published the ‘State of Serverless 2023’ report, an annual analysis tracking the adoption of serverless technologies in cloud workloads. The major cloud providers are witnessing substantial growth in serverless usage, especially for container-based solutions.

AWS Introduces Dedicated Local Zones for Sovereignty Requirements

AWS has recently introduced Dedicated Local Zones, enabling customers to isolate sensitive workloads to meet their digital sovereignty requirements. This new option is designed for public sector and regulated industry customers who need dedicated infrastructure.

AWS Lambda Deprecates Go Runtime

AWS Lambda is deprecating the go1.x runtime, announcing support for Go exclusively in the Amazon Linux 2 runtime. The announcement and the need to migrate by the end of the year to the custom provided.al2 runtime raised concerns in the Go community.

Cross-Cloud Network: Google Introduces Platform to Connect Applications across Clouds

During the recent Google Cloud Next conference, the cloud provider announced Cross-Cloud Network, a solution to connect applications across different clouds. The new platform aims to simplify multi-cloud networking with a focus on speed and security.

Azure Announces Jumpstart Agora, a Collection of Cloud-to-Edge Examples

Microsoft recently introduced Jumpstart Agora, a new initiative to provide end-to-end industry scenarios for cloud-to-edge solutions. The first project that has been released is Contoso Supermarket, a sample point-of-sale application.

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