InfoQ – January 2024

From JavaScript support in MySQL to the new AWS Console-to-Code, and from Cloudflare’s 2024 API Security and Management Report to the latest features for Amazon CloudWatch Alarms – here’s a recap of my articles for InfoQ in January.

Zonal Autoshift on AWS: Optimizing Infrastructure Reliability

Zonal autoshift, a new capability of Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller, automatically shifts traffic away from an Availability Zone (AZ) when a potential failure is identified by the cloud provider. The service redirects the traffic back once the AZ failure is resolved.

AWS Console-to-Code: Generating Code for Console Actions

AWS recently introduced Console-to-Code, offering a new capability to transform actions executed in the console into reusable code for AWS CDK and CloudFormation. This generative AI feature is currently in preview, supporting only Amazon EC2, and provides a guided path for creating resources and testing prototypes.

Cloudflare Releases 2024 API Security and Management Report

Cloudflare recently released its 2024 API Security and Management Report, providing insights, predictions, and recommendations for safeguarding APIs in the new year. The report analyses the growing risk of shadow APIs, the most common API errors, and global API usage across different industries.

B2B Data Interchange: Managed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on AWS

AWS recently introduced B2B Data Interchange, a platform allowing organizations to automate and monitor the transformation of EDI-based business transactions. The service provides a low-code interface for managing trading partners and translating EDI documents into JSON and XML formats.

Amazon CloudWatch Alarms Can Now Directly Trigger Lambda Functions

AWS recently announced that Amazon CloudWatch alarms now support AWS Lambda functions as an action for state changes. This new feature enables developers to automate remediation actions when detecting an unhealthy resource.

AWS to Shut down Aurora Serverless v1, Their Sole Relational Database with Scaling Capacity to Zero

Recently, AWS notified existing customers running Amazon Aurora that Serverless v1 support will be discontinued, with the service scheduled to shut down within a year. The absence of scaling to zero in the newer Aurora Serverless v2 has raised concerns within the community regarding potential increased costs and the absence of a “true” serverless relational database on AWS.

MySQL Introduces Javascript Support in Preview

Oracle recently announced that the MySQL database server now supports JavaScript functions and procedures. JavaScript for stored routines is currently in preview and only available in the MySQL Enterprise Edition and MySQL Heatwave.