InfoQ – March 2024

From DBOS Cloud to a new license for Redis, from Freenginx to Data Solutions Framework, the news I covered for InfoQ in March.

Transactional Serverless Computing: PostgreSQL Creator Announces DBOS Cloud

The creators of DBOS have recently introduced DBOS Cloud, a transactional serverless application platform tailored for TypeScript developers. With all state information stored in a highly available DBMS, this new platform assures transactional serverless computing, offering reliable execution alongside so-called “time travel” capabilities.

Redis Switches to SSPLv1: Restrictive License Sparks Fork by Former Maintainers

Redis has recently announced a change in their license by transitioning from the open-source BSD to the more restrictive Server Side Public License (SSPLv1). The move has promptly led to a fork initiated by former maintainers and reignited discussions surrounding the sustainability of open-source initiatives.

Amazon RDS Introduces Faster Storage for High-Performance Database Workloads

AWS has recently introduced support for io2 Block Express volumes on Amazon RDS. Priced as the existing Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS) io1, the new io2 Block Express volumes are compatible with all database engines and are designed for high-performance, high-throughput, and low-latency database workloads.

Development Environment Manager Daytona Now Open Source

Daytona has recently announced that its Development Environment Management (DEM) is now open-source. Currently in its alpha release, Daytona is designed to start a fully configured development environment with a single command.

AWS Waives Egress Fees for Customers Exiting the Cloud

AWS has recently announced free egress traffic for customers leaving the cloud and withdrawing their data from the AWS infrastructure. This initiative follows the guidelines of the European Data Act and is designed to help customers switch to alternative cloud providers or on-premises data centers.

Freenginx: Core Nginx Developer Announces Fork of Popular Web Server

Recently, a former employee of F5 and main contributor of the Nginx project announced the fork Freenginx of the popular web server. The new project was started to address a security dispute and wants to be a drop-in replacement of Nginx, run by developers rather than corporate entities.

Google BigQuery Introduces Vector Search

Google recently announced that BigQuery now supports vector search. The new functionality enables vector similarity search required by data and AI use cases such as semantic search, similarity detection, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with a large language model (LLM).

Data Solutions Framework: an Open Source Project for Building Data Solutions on AWS

AWS recently released the Data Solutions Framework (DSF), an opinionated open-source framework designed to accelerate the creation of data solutions on AWS. Built using the AWS CDK, the framework exposes abstractions and patterns as building blocks for constructing data solutions and is available in TypeScript (npm) and Python (PyPi).