InfoQ – April 2024

From event notifications on R2 storage to Axion processors, from AWS Batch to Microsoft Garnet, the news I covered for InfoQ in April.

Axion Processor: Google Announces Its First Arm-Based CPU

During the recent Google Next ’24 conference, Google unveiled Axion, its first custom Arm-based CPUs designed for data centers. Utilizing the Arm Neoverse V2 CPU architecture, the new processor will be available to customers later this year.

Cloudflare R2 Storage Introduces Event Notifications and Infrequent Access Storage Tier

During the recent Developer Week, Cloudflare announced that the object storage R2 now supports event notifications, which automatically trigger Workers in response to data changes. Additionally, the migration service Super Slurper now extends its support to Google Cloud Storage and a new infrequent access storage tier is available in private beta.

AWS Batch Introduces Multi-Container Jobs for Large-Scale Simulations

Recently, AWS announced the support of multi-container jobs in AWS Batch through the management console. This new feature simplifies the process of running simulations, particularly for testing complex systems such as those used in autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Microsoft Announces Garnet: a New Open-Source Cache-Store and Redis Alternative

Microsoft Research has recently announced Garnet, an open-source cache-store designed to accelerate applications and services. Using the RESP wire protocol, Garnet is a faster alternative to cache-stores and is compatible with existing Redis clients.