WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024 – Berlin

Watch Your Wallet and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: A Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization

I want to monitor and understand my data transfer costs, where should I start? Why are backups eating my database budget? One more object storage class? Join us in exploring these common challenges and identifying the low-hanging fruits that developers can leverage to reduce the emissions associated with their cloud workloads.

Following generic “best practices” may not suffice unless you have a comprehensive understanding of the implications, costs, and emissions related to your specific cloud workload. We will discuss how to monitor costs, address a few cloud anti-patterns, make the bill smaller, and improve the outcome. We will also discuss which tools can help us reduce cloud usage costs and measure the impact of cloud carbon emissions.

The session will include a live demo/scripting based on AWS, with the advice provided applicable to any cloud deployment.