Category: InfoQ

  • InfoQ – January 2024

    From JavaScript support in MySQL to the new AWS Console-to-Code, and from Cloudflare’s 2024 API Security and Management Report to the latest features for Amazon CloudWatch Alarms – here’s a recap of my articles for InfoQ in January.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – December 2023

    From Amazon Q Code Transformation to Oracle embracing PostgreSQL, from my yearly re:Invent recap to a new non-open-source functional source license: a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in December.Read the full article.

  • Become an InfoQ Contributor. Interview with Renato Losio.

    In this short video, I answered 7 questions about my journey with InfoQ and what I find valuable about writing for InfoQ. Hope you enjoy it!Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – November 2023

    From Google AlloyDB Omni to Timescale Dynamic PostgreSQL, from AWS European Sovereign Cloud to MySQL 8.2: a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in November.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – October 2023

    From Amazon MSK Replicator to Tesla Developer APIs, from PlanetScale forking MySQL to Cloudflare Turnstile, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in October.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – September 2023

    From Copilot Copyright Commitment to Bun, from the State of Serverless 2023 Report to Dedicated Local Zones on AWS, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in September.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – August 2023

    From Mountpoint for Amazon S3 to the new versioning model for MySQL, from Tabnine Chat to AWS to begin charging for public IPv4 addresses, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in August.Read the full article.