re:Invent 2021

Drawing the New York City skyline with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2


Note: this is the pre-recorded breakout session for the virtual re:Invent, not the recording session of the on-site in Las Vegas.



If you are looking to harness the capabilities of Aurora v2, or just looking to learn more about it and what it has to offer, then this talk is for you. The speaker gave an overview of Aurora v1 & v2 and walked through his use of the service to create a simple skyline using only SQL and no other tools. The outcome was impressive and was met with unprompted applause.

It was really fun! Great example of how AWS Serverless V2 can scale fast under a pressure. Almost instantly!

Your Aurora Serverless v2 presentation was great. I was the guy that interruped your peace in the coffee shop this morning. Thank you again for the fun presentation. It was a great way to present it.

Definitely one of the best sessions I attended. Fun and rich in real-world wisdom!

For those attending virtually, this excellent session is now available on demand.