Is Serverless the Future of Relational Databases?

I am very happy to talk about the new options available for running a relational database on the cloud and the serverless approach on AWS at the next DevOps Berlin tech event organized by Amsource Technology on June 5th. More information on the Eventbrite page

Amsource Technology Presents Tech

The abstract of my talk:

From AWS to Google Cloud, the major cloud providers offer different options to run a MySQL or a MySQL compatible database on the cloud. You can spin up virtual machines and configure your own cluster or rely on managed services with the ability to modify or scale vertically a database with the click of a button. The new trend is serverless (relational) databases that offer both traditional interfaces and HTTP API access. Can serverless databases be the future? Is Amazon Aurora Serverless really serverless?

Thanks Jack and Amsource Technology for the invitation and looking forward to see you in Berlin!

The Accidental Remote Worker

To celebrate my first ten years working remotely for Funambol, I am looking forward to talk next week at the Berlin Meetup Remote Future Summit 2019 at Factory Berlin, an event organized by Remote-how.

Berlin Meetup Remote Future Summit 2019

The topic of my presentation?

“The Accidental Remote Worker: 10 Years of Lessons and Mistakes Learned”

Working ten years around Europe from cafes, living rooms, co-working spaces and sometime forests: from time management to outdoor opportunities, from home exchanges to dead laptops, a few lessons and mistakes learned by an accidental remote worker.

If you are in Berlin next Thursday, signup on Eventbrite and join us at Factory Görlitzer Park.

Think About! Conference 2019

Looking forward to be a speaker next month at Think About! in Cologne, an event about technology, design and their impacts on society. I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of managed and serverless databases. You can find here the asbtract of my talk “Look Mom No Hands! Moving from a managed relational database to a serverless one”. See you soon in Cologne!

Talk at Factory Berlin

How can software developers and startups manage location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state? Looking forward to present “Hey, where is my country? Software development and territorial disputes” at Factory Berlin.

This event is for members only but if you are interested get in touch, I will discuss location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state at other events in Berlin and Cologne in the next few weeks.