Codemotion Milan 2019

As an Italian Java developer, Codemotion has always been one of the main tech conferences. And Milan is still the city that I occasionally call home, even after many years away. So I am very very excited to be back in October and be a speaker at Codemotion Milan 2019. I am looking forward to discuss a topic I am very passionated about, software development and territorial disputes

Codemotion Milan 2019

The talk will be in English, the abstract is below.

Hey, where is my country? Software development and territorial disputes

Many airlines were forced recently to change the name of Taiwan on their booking systems. Hotel chain website where banned in mainland China for labelling Tibet as an independent country. Ukrainian users were upset because Crimea was removed from the map of their land. “What is the capital of Israel?” is a question that has triggered different answers from voice virtual assistants. We will go on a virtual tour around the world to see how disputed territories or partially recognized states are handled by online services and understand the impacts and the challenges of geolocation services.

DevOps Pro Moscow 2019 conference

I am looking forward to be back to Russia in November and be a speaker at the DevOps Pro Moscow 2019 conference.

I will cover relational databases on the cloud – with examples of MySQL on AWS – and if and how to move from a managed database to a serverless one. How can you scale automatically keeping predictable performance and costs under control? What does serverless mean for a relation database? More at