Dev Around the Sun

Looking forward to be a speaker next week at Dev Around the Sun, a 24-hour international fundraiser organised by the .NET Foundation for the Direct Relief’s Coronavirus Fund.


It all starts on May 12 at 2PM CEST, I will be live on May 13 at 7AM CEST. Title of my talk and abstract below. Schedule, how to donate and all the details at

Hey, where is my country? Make all your end users happy

What looks like a simple choice in a drop-down list, can turn into a PR nightmare. Integrating an external mapping service can unintentionally make many of your users unhappy. How can software developers and startups manage location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state? How can you make all your users happy? A few tips and tricks for the developer who targets an international audience but wants to rely on location data to control new features.