Category: geolocation

  • Hey, where is my country?

    What looks like a simple choice in a drop-down list, can turn into a PR nightmare. Integrating an external mapping service can unintentionally make many of your users unhappy. How can software developers and startups manage location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state?Read the full article.

  • Dev Around the Sun

    Looking forward to be a speaker next week at Dev Around the Sun, a 24-hour international fundraiser organised by theRead the full article.

  • TestCon Europe 2020

    For the very first time next October I will attend and speak at a testing conference and it will beRead the full article.

  • Apple’s Crimea map, two months later

    At the end of November Apple was in the news because of the choice to change Crimea map to meetRead the full article.

  • Hey, where is my country?

    The slides of my talk today at Codemotion Milan 2019. Great sunny day in Milan talking about how software developersRead the full article.

  • Codemotion Milan 2019

    As an Italian Java developer, Codemotion has always been one of the main tech conferences. And Milan is still theRead the full article.

  • Talk at Make Random Great Again

    “Alexa, what is the capital of Israel?” is the title of my talk at the Make Random Great Again meetupRead the full article.