InfoQ – May 2022

From Google Cloud Media CDN to EC2 I4i Instances, from AlloyDB to SageMaker Serverless Inference: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in May.

AWS Releases First Graviton3 Instances

AWS has recently announced the general availability of the C7g instances, the first EC2 instances running Graviton3 processors. Designed for compute-intensive workloads, they provide always-on memory encryption, dedicated caches for every vCPU, and support for pointer authentication.

Amazon Rekognition Introduces Streaming Video Events

AWS recently announced the general availability of Streaming Video Events, a new feature of Amazon Rekognition to provide real-time alerts on live video streams.

Amazon EC2 Supports NitroTPM and UEFI Secure Boot

AWS recently announced the general availability of the UEFI Secure Boot and of NitroTPM, a virtual TPM module for EC2 instances based on the AWS Nitro System. The new features are designed for boot-process validation, key protection and digital rights management.

Google Cloud Introduces PostgreSQL-Compatible AlloyDB for Enterprise Database Workloads

Google Cloud recently announced AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, a managed PostgreSQL-compatible service targeting enterprise deployments. AlloyDB is a full-featured cloud database supporting atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID)-compliant transactions.

AWS Introduces Storage-Optimized I4i Instances for IO-Heavy Workloads

AWS recently introduced the EC2 I4i instance type for data-intensive storage and IO-heavy workloads requiring fast access to medium-sized datasets. The new instances can benefit high-performance real-time relational databases, distributed file systems, data warehouses and key-value stores.

Google Cloud Introduces Media CDN for Content Delivery

Google Cloud recently announced the general availability of Media CDN, a content delivery network targeted to media and entertainment companies. The streaming platform supports advertising insertion and AI/ML analytics.

Amazon SageMaker Serverless Inference Now Generally Available

Amazon recently announced that SageMaker Serverless Inference is generally available. Designed for workloads with intermittent or infrequent traffic patterns, the new option provisions and scales compute capacity according to the volume of inference requests the model receives.

Amazon MSK Serverless Now Generally Available

AWS recently announced that Amazon MSK Serverless is now generally available. The serverless option to manage an Apache Kafka cluster removes the need to monitor capacity and automatically balances partitions within a cluster.

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