ADDO 2022: Drawing the NYC Skyline with a serverless database

I am pleased to be virtually on stage at All Day DevOps for the third year in a row on November 10th. In the last two years I talked at the the world’s largest DevOps conference about the good, the bad and the ugly of Serverless Databases and cost optimization on AWS. My session this year will be about drawing the NYC Skyline with a serverless database. See you live soon!

Drawing the NYC Skyline with a serverless database

Serverless databases are a challenging area for cloud deployments, with providers trying to extend the elasticity of managed solutions to RDBMS databases. If the new options are so elastic, with CPU and database capacity strictly correlated, can we perform some creative benchmarking using a serverless database?

In this session, we will discuss database elasticity and serverless databases, seeing how they can adapt the capacity vertically and incrementally according to the load and the resources consumed. Ignoring standard load testing tools and simulation models, we will perform different tests with simple SQL statements. If Aurora Serverless v2 is elastic and can scale quickly, is it possible to create a load where the database capacity plots the NYC skyline in Amazon CloudWatch?