InfoQ – October 2022

From event filtering on AWS Lambda to data transfer with Skyplane, from globally distributed queues to serverless database D1 on Cloudflare: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in October.

Interactive Query Service Amazon Athena Introduces New Engine

AWS recently announced version 3 of the engine for Amazon Athena, the serverless interactive service to query S3 data using standard SQL. The cloud provider claims that the new engine improves performance and supports new use cases thanks to over 50 new SQL functions and 30 new analytics features.

AWS Introduces AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension to Improve Performances and Security

AWS recently announced the Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension, a new way for developers to retrieve parameters from Systems Manager Parameter Store and secrets from Secrets Manager. The Lambda extension caches parameters and secrets, reducing latency and costs.

AWS Lambda Supports Event Filtering for Amazon MSK, Kafka and Amazon MQ

Amazon recently announced that AWS Lambda supports content filtering options for Amazon MSK, Self-Managed Kafka, Amazon MQ for Apache ActiveMQ, and Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ as event sources. The new options extend the filtering to data store and broker services and reduce traffic to Lambda functions, simplifying application logic and reducing costs.

Azure Adds Sustainability Guidance to Well-Architected Framework

During the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft announced new technical guidance within the Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) to help customers and partners achieve their sustainability goals.

Open Source Skyplane Targets Faster and Cheaper Data Transfers between Clouds

A team of researchers at the RISELab at UC Berkeley has recently released Skyplane, an open source tool to optimize the transfer of large datasets between cloud providers, reducing transfer times and costs.

Threat Operations and Research Team Cloudforce One Generally Available

Cloudflare recently announced that the threat operations and research team Cloudforce One began conducting briefings and is now generally available. Available as an add-on subscription, Cloudforce One includes threat data and briefings, security tools, and the ability to make requests for information (RFIs) to the team.

Cloudflare Previews Globally Distributed Queues without Egress Fees

Cloudflare recently announced the private beta of Cloudflare Queues, a message queuing service that allows applications to send and receive messages using Cloudflare Workers. The new service provides at-least once message delivery, supports batching of messages, and does not charge bandwidth egress fees.

Amazon File Cache Now Generally Available

Amazon recently announced the general availability of File Cache, a managed high-speed cache for processing file data stored in disparate locations. The new service can be linked to multiple sources including on premises network file systems and managed AWS services like Amazon FSx or S3.

Cloudflare Previews Serverless Database D1 Adding Transactions

Cloudflare recently unveiled more details about the serverless database D1, the new service supporting SQLite to store and query relational data globally with low latency. D1 is the first SQL database from the content delivery network company and will support transactions.

Cloudflare R2 Storage Generally Available

Cloudflare recently announced the general availability of R2 storage, an S3-compatible object storage without egress charges. The new service provides dynamic functionalities integrating with Cloudflare Workers.

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