InfoQ – November 2022

From a serverless cache to new AWS regions, from a public NTP Service to a class-action law­suit against GitHub Copilot: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in November.

AWS Introduces CloudFront Continuous Deployment for Blue-Green and Canary Strategies

AWS announced that CloudFront now supports continuous deployment to test and validate the configuration changes with a portion of live traffic. The new feature of the AWS content delivery network simplifies blue-green and canary deployment strategies.

Amazon Releases Time Sync as Public NTP Service

Amazon recently announced the availability of Time Sync as a public NTP service. Previously available only for servers running inside AWS data centers, Time Sync utilizes a global fleet of redundant satellite-connected clocks to deliver the current time.

Azure SQL Trigger for Azure Functions in Public Preview

Azure recently announced the public preview of Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions to build event-driven applications. The new functionality is currently available only for C# functions and can be triggered by changes to an Azure SQL table.

AWS Opens New Region in Spain

AWS recently opened a new region in Spain to offer cloud services in the Iberian Peninsula and address in-country data residency and compliance requirements. The new eu-south-2 region is based in Aragón and has three availability zones.

AWS Introduces Resource Explorer to Simplify Search and Discovery of Resources

AWS recently announced the general availability of Resource Explorer, a managed capability to search and discover resources inside an AWS account. The new option is available at no additional charge and can query multiple regions but not multiple accounts.

First Open Source Copyright Lawsuit Chal­lenges GitHub Copi­lot

A class-action law­suit has been filed in a US fed­eral court chal­leng­ing the legal­ity of GitHub Copi­lot and the related OpenAI Codex. The suit against GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI claims violation of open-source licenses and could have a wide impact in the world of artificial intelligence.

Momento Announces Serverless Cache Service

The startup Momento recently emerged from stealth mode launching a serverless cache. The new service is generally available and offers a highly available cache with an on-demand pricing model based on data transferred in/out.

AWS Supports Transfer of IP Addresses between Accounts

AWS recently announced Elastic IP transfer, an Amazon VPC feature to transfer IP addresses across accounts. The new option helps with organizational restructuring, centralized security administration, and disaster recovery.

Amazon EC2 Introduces Replace Root Volume to Patch Guest Operating System and Applications

AWS recently introduced the ability to replace the root volume of EC2 instances using an updated AMI without stopping them. The Replace Root Volume helps patch the guest operating system and applications but still triggers a reboot of the instance.

SFTP for Azure Blob Storage Now Generally Available

Azure Blob Storage now supports the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), allowing customers to use SFTP for file access, transfer, and management on the object storage service. The new option is generally available and simplifies the migration to the cloud of legacy applications and enterprise workloads.

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