InfoQ – July 2023

From Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus to distributed PostgreSQL benchmarks, from Live Tail in CloudWatch Logs to pgvector support in managed databases, a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in July.

Microsoft Previews Azure Boost to Improve Remote Storage Throughput and IOPS Performance

During the recent Inspire 2023 conference, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Boost to improve remote storage throughput and IOPS performance. Separating the hypervisor and host OS functions from the host infrastructure, the new option allows up to 10 Gbps throughput and 400K IOPS.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Adds pgvector to Support Embeddings from Generative AI

AWS recently announced that the PostgreSQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora now supports pgvector for vector storage and similarity search. Aurora is the latest managed PostgreSQL database supporting the open-source extension to store and search embeddings from machine learning models.

Google Releases Hive-BigQuery Open-Source Connector

Google recently announced the general availability of the Hive-BigQuery Connector, simplifying integration and migrations between Apache Hive and Google BigQuery. The open-source connector is a Hive storage handler that enables Hive to interact with BigQuery’s storage layer.

Google Releases Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Google Cloud recently announced the Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus edition for MySQL and PostgreSQL of the managed database service. The new edition provides performance optimizations for read and write operations, improved machine types and configurations, and an integrated SSD–backed data cache option.

First Amazon EC2 Instances with Graviton3E Processors Now GA

AWS has recently announced the general availability of the C7gn and the Hpc7g instances, both using the new Graviton3E processors. The C7gn instances are designed for network-intensive workloads while the Hpc7g instances are tailored for high-performance computing ones.

Enhancing AI Capabilities: Google Cloud Integrates Vector Search in Managed Databases

Google Cloud recently added support for the pgvector on Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. The extension brings vector search operations to the managed databases, allowing developers to store vector embeddings generated by large language models (LLMs) and perform similarity searches.

Distributed PostgreSQL Benchmarks: Azure Cosmos DB, CockroachDB, and YugabyteDB

Microsoft recently discussed the results of distributed PostgreSQL benchmarks, comparing transaction processing and price performance for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, and Yugabyte. With different implementation trade-offs, the results show a higher throughput for Azure Cosmos DB but highlight the challenges of benchmarking distributed databases.

Amazon Introduces Live Tail in CloudWatch Logs for Real-Time Exploration of Logs

Amazon recently announced CloudWatch Logs Live Tail, an option to analyze logs in near real-time. Currently only available in the AWS console, the interactive log analytics feature helps developers detect and debug application anomalies.

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