Cloudiamo.com is a blog published by Renato Losio and it covers personal challenges, projects and random thoughts about Amazon AWS. Please note the publication dates, the information was supposed to be accurate as of that date, or maybe not even. AWS moves (really) fast.

About Renato

Renato is a software & cloud architect, a digital nomad and a slow runner. He has many  years of experience as a software engineer, tech lead and cloud services specialist in Italy, UK, Portugal and Germany. He currently lives in Berlin and works remotely as principal cloud architect for Funambol inc. Location-based services and relational databases are his main working interests. Trail running, developing basic skills for Alexa and finding connections between running and software development are his main hobbies. He holds a MSc degree in Physics and a MSc in Computing Science. You can meet him at Factory Berlin

In the last few years he has been a speaker at different events, including re:publica and Codemotion in Berlin, Percona Live in Dublin and SFI in Kraków. For recent and upcoming presentations click here

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