Cloudiamo.com is a blog published by Renato Losio and it covers personal challenges, projects and random thoughts on the cloud (mainly Amazon AWS) and geolocation challenges. .

About Renato

Renato Losio is a software and cloud architect, a digital nomad and a slow runner. He has many years of experience as a software engineer, tech lead and cloud services specialist in Italy, UK, Portugal and Germany. He currently lives in Berlin and works remotely as principal cloud architect for Funambol Inc. Location-based services and relational databases are his main working interests. A certified AWS professional, he holds a MSc degree in Physics and a MSc in Computing Science. You can meet him at Factory Berlin

In the last few years he has been a speaker at different events, including re:publica and Codemotion, re:publica, Percona Live in Dublin and SFI in Kraków. For recent and upcoming presentations click here

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