AWS Aurora Serverless database V2 with AWS Data Heroes

AWS Aurora Serverless database V2 is finally available! Let’s get into it and explain how it works and what is it for. Is it a replacement for Serverless V1 or a completely new beast. We will try to explain what kind of magic is needed to vertically scale a database. We already run it in production so we will have some real life examples. Renato Losio and Goran Opacic are AWS Data Heroes and experienced Aurora users. Join us!

Update 27-04-22: this is the video of our chat!

Live in Vegas

Can we draw the New York City skyline with Aurora Serverless v2?

An exciting day being on stage at re:Invent talking about elasticity and relational databases on the cloud as part of the Community Track. The video of the session will be available soon!

A prerecording of the session is available now on YouTube. Note: this is not the on-site in Las Vegas.

re:Invent COM202

Just over two weeks to go to re:Invent in Las Vegas and I am already looking forward to the Monday Community Track.

If you are attending the event in person, there are still some reserved seats available for my session where we will play around with serverless databases on AWS. Join me!

Drawing the New York City skyline with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2
Monday, November 29, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

The session will be available as well virtually during the main re:Invent week.

A First Look at Aurora Serverless v2

During the latest re:Invent, AWS announced the preview of next version of Amazon Aurora Serverless that scales in fraction of a second and will introduce multi-AZ support, global databases, and read replicas to the serverless world.

In my talk at Percona Live 2021, today I tried to answer the following questions:

  • What are the differences between v1 and v2?
  • Why did AWS introduced an entirely new product?
  • Is Aurora Serverless v1 a service to be already forgotten?
  • A simple test on Serverless v1 versus Serverless v2: any surprise?

Below are my slides, video will be available online soon. Thanks to all the ones who attended the talk!