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  • InfoQ – January 2024

    From JavaScript support in MySQL to the new AWS Console-to-Code, and from Cloudflare’s 2024 API Security and Management Report to the latest features for Amazon CloudWatch Alarms – here’s a recap of my articles for InfoQ in January.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – December 2023

    From Amazon Q Code Transformation to Oracle embracing PostgreSQL, from my yearly re:Invent recap to a new non-open-source functional source license: a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in December.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – November 2023

    From Google AlloyDB Omni to Timescale Dynamic PostgreSQL, from AWS European Sovereign Cloud to MySQL 8.2: a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in November.Read the full article.

  • Amazon Aurora is Now 60 Times Faster than RDS for MySQL. Really.

    Unlike traditional benchmarks that are lengthy and complex, this evaluation will be concise, comprising only about 200 words and taking just a couple of minutes to review the results.Read the full article.

  • Blue/Green Deployments for RDS: How Fast is a Switchover? 

    AWS recently announced the general availability of RDS Blue/Green Deployments, a new feature for RDS and Aurora to perform blue/green database updates. One of the aspects that caught my eye is how fast a switchover is. Read the full article.

  • The best way to optimize IOPS on RDS MySQL

    Best way to optimize IOPS and have fewer problems with data is not to have the data in the first place.Read the full article.

  • ADDO 2022: Drawing the NYC Skyline with a serverless database

    I am pleased to be virtually on stage at All Day DevOps for the third year in a row onRead the full article.