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  • Berlin AWS User Group – February 2024

    Home sweet home. Last night, I relished being back at the Berlin AWS User Group, engaging in discussions about the benefits and challenges of running relational databases on AWS. The title and abstract of my presentation are provided below.Read the full article.

  • Unconventional Journey With Amazon RDS

    The times when a web application could only choose RDS for MySQL as a relational database on AWS are long gone. Numerous engines and deployment options for RDS, Aurora, and serverless options are just the appetizer. Read the full article.

  • AWS Community Day Hungary 2023 (video)

    An Unconventional Journey with Amazon RDS: the video of my presentation at the AWS Community Day Hungary 2023 is now live! Read the full article.

  • ADDO 2023

    How can you balance a simple architecture with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? When is it beneficial to use a serverless option for a relational database? We will conclude with an exciting unconventional demo.Read the full article.

  • AWS Community Day Hungary 2023

    My very first virtual event for this autumn will be the AWS Community Day Hungary 2023 on October 6th. Thanks to Madhu Kumar for the opportunity to discuss my journey on AWS, as well as some benefits and drawbacks of Amazon RDS. Read the full article.

  • Renato @ Porto Tech Hub Conference 2023

    The focus of the workshop is on architecture and deployment. It is meant for anyone responsible for managing and scaling software applications that require (relational) databases, such as developers, architects, and DBARead the full article.

  • Amazon Aurora is Now 60 Times Faster than RDS for MySQL. Really.

    Unlike traditional benchmarks that are lengthy and complex, this evaluation will be concise, comprising only about 200 words and taking just a couple of minutes to review the results.Read the full article.