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  • re:Invent Recap Event – Budapest

    The AWS User Group Hungary event will be on 13th February, 16:00hrs CET (online). We’ll break down the key highlights, insights, and trends unveiled at re:Invent, offering you a comprehensive overview of what’s shaping the future of cloud computing on AWS.Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – December 2023

    From Amazon Q Code Transformation to Oracle embracing PostgreSQL, from my yearly re:Invent recap to a new non-open-source functional source license: a recap of my pieces for InfoQ in December.Read the full article.

  • The Best AWS re:Invent Ever? Looking Back at Eleven Editions

    There is no year that I do not read many “This was the best re:Invent ever!” comments, posts, or articles in the weeks after the AWS conference in Las Vegas. While it is likely true in terms of fun, the number of announcements, or personal networking, I tend to think we are biased by the…

  • InfoQ – December 2022

    From Autoclass for Cloud Storage on Google Cloud to VPC Lattice, from SkyPilot to re:Invent: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in December.Read the full article.

  • AWS re:Invent 2022 Crossworld

    Test your knowledge of the key announcements from this year’s re:Invent with a crossword!Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – December 2021

    From re:Post to Graviton3 processors, from Azure Orbital to Amazon RDS Custom. And a lot of news from re:Invent 2021.Read the full article.

  • Goodbye Vegas!

    You cannot have that virtually. Being on stage at re:Invent 2021. Networking all day with amazing AWS heroes from aroundRead the full article.