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  • InfoQ Live July 2022

    I really enjoyed last month being the moderator of a InfoQ panel discussing “Building Applications from Edge to Cloud” with Luca Bianchi, Kristi Perreault, Flo Pachinger and Tim Suchanek. Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – July 2022

    From AMD R6a insances to Rocky Linux on Google Cloud, from Amazon Redshift Serverless to API backend options for AzureRead the full article.

  • Renato @ AWS FM podcast

    Renato joins Adam to discuss the differences between Aurora Serverless v1 and v2, how he’s used AWS certifications to learn topics he might not dive into otherwise, and the benefits of speaking at conferences when you’re introverted.Read the full article.

  • Flagging Flags: Nine Numbers with Amazon Rekognition

    Hello Amazon Rekognition! Is the “Stars and Stripes” the flag with the highest confidence for the label “American Flag”? Are all the flags labelled as “Flag”? Does the quality of the PNG file affect the label detection? Here are nine numbers and trends for the 255 flags available in the repository. Read the full article.

  • InfoQ – June 2022

    From the PowerShell Custom Runtime for Amazon Lambda to MongoDB Atlas Serverless, from SynLapse, a critical Synapse Analytics vulnerability in Azure, to AWS IoT ExpressLink: a recap of my articles for InfoQ in June.Read the full article.

  • Around the World with Amazon Rekognition Image 

    This is the first article of a two-part series playing with Amazon Rekognition and flags from around the world. Today we will focus on testing the default behavior of Rekognition Image, in the second part we will use Rekognition Custom Labels to build a custom machine learning model and detect national flags.Read the full article.

  • Dice, Skylines and CloudWatch Anomaly Detection

    I am a lazy cloud architect with a background in site reliability engineering. That’s why I immediately felt in love with the idea behind CloudWatch Anomaly Detection when it was announced almost three years ago. Read the full article.