EuropeClouds Summit 2021

Earlier this year, Forrest Brazeal wrote an article “Please fix the AWS Free Tier before somebody gets hurt” that went viral. Corey Quinn suggests “It’s Time to Rethink the AWS Free Tier”. When I wrote a news piece for InfoQ on the topic it proved to be a very popular one.

As it is a topic that developers care about and I believe that being aware of the limitations of the Free Tier is half of the solution, I decided to cover the topic at the upcoming EuropeClouds Summit. The title and abstract of the talk are below, hope to see you live at the conference!

AWS Free Tier: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In recent months many experts in the AWS community have been questioning the AWS Free Tier, advocating for sandbox accounts on AWS and hard billing limits that cannot be exceeded. What safety nets can you put in place as a developer and what are the most common mistakes to avoid unexpected bills when experimenting with new services with the AWS Free Tier?

Back to All Day DevOps!

In October I will be back to All Day DevOps, the world’s largest DevOps conference, to talk about cost optimization on AWS. Below the abstract of my session.

Watch Your Wallet! Cloud anti-patterns that make your AWS bill skyrocket

Should you really always run your cluster in multiple availability zones? How can a transition rule to Glacier double your storage costs? I want to monitor and understand my data transfer costs, where should I start? Why are backups eating my database budget? What, one more storage class on S3? Following so-called “best practices” works only when you fully understand the implications, costs included. We will address a few cloud anti-patterns, making your bill smaller and your deployment better.

Looking forward to All Day DevOps 2021, see you on line on October 28th!