Talk at Factory Berlin

How can software developers and startups manage location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state? Looking forward to present “Hey, where is my country? Software development and territorial disputes” at Factory Berlin.

This event is for members only but if you are interested get in touch, I will discuss location-based services in disputed territories or partially recognized state at other events in Berlin and Cologne in the next few weeks.

Geolocation Challenges in Disputed Territories

Curious about how software developers can manage location-based services when dealing with disputed territories or partially recognized states? We will see how things can go badly wrong, how (surprisingly) widespread the problem is discuss simple patterns on how to minimize the impacts of geolocation challenges. How can you really care about all your users around the world? Join me next Monday at 5PM at Factory Berlin Mitte (event for Factory members only)

Screenshot-2018-6-5 Geolocation Challenges in Disputed Territories Factory Berlin

From Macedonia to Codemotion

As the BBC recently reported, Matthew Nimetz has spent the last 23 years trying to find a name for the republic of Macedonia that can be accepted both in Skopje and Athens. But a solution for the Macedonia naming dispute has not been agreed yet.

Screenshot from 2017-08-10 18-43-36

What name should a developer use today when working on location-based services? The user friendly Macedonia or the formal but longer The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ? How can you make your users in Skopje and Athens both happy?

This is one of the examples I might use at the next Codemotion in Berlin. I do not expect to discuss in half an hour all the geopolitical challenges targeting an international audience and their workarounds, but I am very excited to present the talk “The (accidental) political developer” .


You can find the abstract here and an introduction to the topic in my previous posts, The (accidental) political software developer and Location-based services and countries on AWS.

See you on October 12 & 13 at Kulturbrauerei!